My name is Fraser Reed and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’m currently the Software Development Manager at Postmedia Network Inc. where I lead technical architecture and development for sites used to provide media content to readers across Canada and the world.

Postmedia Network Inc.

My expertise and interest lies in server-side technologies including PHP (including frameworks like Laravel, Zend and Slim), Python (Django), MySQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch, Redis, Docker, Chef, and Varnish. I dabble in other languages like R and Ruby and am competent in front-end tech like JavaScript/Typescript, HTML and CSS. I am a strong believer in testing (PHPUnit, pytest) and test automation, and use TDD whenever possible. I try to never do the same thing twice.

Have a question about something you read here? Let me know. Comments and suggestions are always welcome - send me an email!